Sunday, August 27, 2006

Computer Science

Computer Science Journals

  1. AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications (ScienceDirect)
  2. Algorithmica (SpringerLINK)
  3. Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE (IEEE Xplore)
  4. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing (SpringerLINK)
  5. Biological Cybernetics (SpringerLINK)
  6. CALCOLO - A Quarterly on Numerical Analysis and Theory of Computation (SpringerLINK)
  7. Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (Electronic-only - Free)
  8. Computer (IEEE Xplore)
  9. Computer-Aided Design (ScienceDirect)
  10. Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems,
    IEEE Transactions on (IEEE Xplore)
  11. Computer-Aided Engineering Journal (IEEE Xplore)
  12. Computer Aided Geometric Design (ScienceDirect)
  13. Computer Audit Update (ScienceDirect)
  14. Computer Communications (ScienceDirect)
  15. Computer Fraud & Security (ScienceDirect)
  16. Computer Fraud & Security Bulletin (ScienceDirect)
  17. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (ScienceDirect)
  18. Computer Languages (ScienceDirect)
  19. Computer Law & Security Report (ScienceDirect)
  20. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (ScienceDirect)
  21. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (ScienceDirect)
  22. Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE (IEEE Xplore)
  23. Computers and Digital Techniques, IEE Proceedings E (IEEE Xplore)
  24. Computers and Digital Techniques, IEE Proceedings- (IEEE Xplore)
  25. Computers, IEEE Transactions on (IEEE Xplore)
  26. Computer Networks (ScienceDirect)
  27. Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (ScienceDirect)
  28. Computer Speech & Language (ScienceDirect)
  29. Computer Standards & Interfaces (ScienceDirect)
  30. Computer Vision and Image Understanding (ScienceDirect)
  31. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics (ScienceDirect)
  32. Computers and Biomedical Research (ScienceDirect)
  33. Computers & Chemical Engineering (ScienceDirect)
  34. Computers & Chemistry (ScienceDirect)
  35. Computers and Composition (ScienceDirect)
  36. Computers & Education (ScienceDirect)
  37. Computers & Electrical Engineering (ScienceDirect)
  38. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture (ScienceDirect)
  39. Computers & Fluids (ScienceDirect)
  40. Computers & Geosciences (ScienceDirect)
  41. Computers and Geotechnics (ScienceDirect)
  42. Computers & Graphics (ScienceDirect)
  43. Computers & Industrial Engineering (ScienceDirect)
  44. Computers & Mathematics with Applications (ScienceDirect)
  45. Computers & Operations Research (ScienceDirect)
  46. Computers & Security (ScienceDirect)
  47. Computers & Structures (ScienceDirect)
  48. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (ScienceDirect)
  49. Computers in Biology and Medicine (ScienceDirect)
  50. Computers in Human Behavior (ScienceDirect)
  51. Computers in Industry (ScienceDirect)
  52. Computers in Nursing (OVID)
  53. Computing (SpringerLINK)
  54. Computing & Control Engineering Journal (IEEE Xplore)
  55. Computing and Visualization in Science (SpringerLINK)
  56. Computing in Science & Engineering (IEEE Xplore)
    Computing in Science and Engineering (OJP)
  57. Design & Test of Computers, IEEE (IEEE Xplore)
  58. Discrete & Computational Geometry (SpringerLINK)
  59. Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (Electronic-only - Free)
  60. Distributed Computing (SpringerLINK)
  61. Engineering with Computers (SpringerLINK)
  62. Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on (IEEE Xplore)
  63. Formal Aspects of Computing (SpringerLINK)
  64. Future Generation Computer Systems (ScienceDirect)
  65. IBM Journal of Research and Development (IBM)
  66. IBM Systems Journal (IBM)
  67. IEEE Computational Science and Engineering (IEEE Xplore)
  68. IEEE Computer Applications in Power (IEEE Xplore)
  69. Interacting with Computers (ScienceDirect)
  70. International Journal of Algebra and Computation (ScienceDirect)
  71. International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications (ScienceDirect)
  72. International Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages (ScienceDirect)
  73. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (ScienceDirect)
  74. Internet Computing, IEEE (IEEE Xplore)
  75. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (ACS)
  76. Journal of Circuits , Systems , and Computers (ScienceDirect)
  77. Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography (OVID)
  78. Journal of Computer and System Sciences (ScienceDirect)
  79. Journal of Microcomputer Applications (ScienceDirect)
  80. Journal of Network and Computer Applications (ScienceDirect)
  81. J.UCS Journal of Universal Computer Science (SpringerLINK)
  82. Mathematics of Computation (JSTOR) 1960-1995
  83. M.D. Computing (SpringerLINK)
  84. Neural Computing & Applications (SpringerLINK)
  85. New Generation Computing (SpringerLINK)
  86. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (SpringerLINK)
  87. Public-Access Computer Systems Review, The (Electronic-only - Free)
  88. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (ScienceDirect)
  89. Science of Computer Programming (ScienceDirect)
  90. Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications (SpringerLINK)
  91. Software - Concepts & Tools (SpringerLINK)
  92. Software Engineering. IEE Proceedings- (IEEE Xplore)
  93. Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on (IEEE Xplore)
  94. Software Engineering Journal (IEEE Xplore)
  95. Software, IEE Proceedings- (IEEE Xplore)
  96. Theoretical Computer Science (ScienceDirect)
  97. Visual Computer, The (SpringerLINK)
  98. Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on (IEEE Xplore)
  99. VLDB Journal, The - The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases (SpringerLINK)


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